Back in the caching groove

I'll admit it. The last couple of weeks of caching in Oklahoma and MOGA has gotten my interest in caching back up. The warming weather probably has a part in it too...

I headed out last night after work to attempt a FTF on a new cache, Queen Noodle. Doing this in the dark proved to be a little interesting. Had I done it in the light I probably would have been able to drive to within a couple hundred feet. I parked almost a quarter mile away (in the Perkins parking lot), hiked through some tall weeds on a high spot between a pond and a ditch. Both were full of water so I ended up hiking PAST the cache and then crossing the ditch in a narrow spot and walking back to the cache site. Once I got on the proper trail I received an email notification that it had been found earlier by TheCollector and canpaddle. 'Oh well, I'm here now so I might as well trudge on...' On the way out after the cache I walked past where I could have parked and down the road. :)

The cache was an ammo box full of decent stuff including a number of travel bugs. It's nice to find ammo boxes still! Duluth has been blessed (knock on wood) with few micros. We certainly have some, but not like the Twin Cities or other large cities I've cached in. We're also lucky to have very few lamp-skirt micros (which I utterly detest). The two that we have are both located on the UMD campus (so at least there are none in Walmart's parking lot).

I've considered in the past few days (since MOGA) about putting a series of ammo cans in Jay Cooke State Park. I'll probably try and round up some ammo cans this week and maybe spend a day in the beginning of April putting them out. Of course I always make grand plans but what happens will remain to be seen....

MOGA - here and gone

What an excellent MOGA this year! Special thanks to the cachers that put on the event. I know that there was a lot of hard work involved in setting up and running the event - it showed and was appreciated! Team MnGCA had an excellent showing this year - I believe there were something like 18 people that registered from Minnesota, and perhaps about 15 or so that went. Minnesota placed or won in all three of the competitions that were offered (individual, two-person, and four-person).

I ran in the two-person event with EskoClimber. He nearly killed me with the pace in the beginning, although once we ran up and down a couple of hills we settled on a pace that was aggressive enough yet something that we could both keep up with for three hours. In the end we found 21 caches in just under three hours to win in the event. While we were serious about the competition, we didn't (or at least I didn't) have my heart set on the win - I was just out there to find some caches and put in a good effort. I know from talking with Esko (between gasps for air) that he felt pretty much the same way.

Congratulations to all of the teams that ran - I think fun was had by all (except maybe the two injured folks that had to be pulled out of the woods)...

MOGA is almost here!

My MOGA (Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure) trip starts this afternoon! I'm pumped. I'll be leaving Oklahoma, where I'm stuck for work at the moment, and heading up old US Route 66 from Oklahoma City past Tulsa, then I'm going to make a quick detour into Arkansas to pick up a couple of caches there (which will be my first in Arkansas), then north to the event near Hannibal, MO (the hometown of M.A.S.H. 4077's Colonel Potter).

I've got 23 caches on my list to do along Route 66, one more in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, 5 in Arkansas, and 11 in Missouri. After that I'll be at the event. I'm meeting up with Team MnGCA at the campground around noon or 1pm (hopefully)...

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