The 5-second rule: I knew it was true!

Two biology students in Connecticut, under the supervision of their professor, have determined that there may be some validity to the 5-second rule.

They found after dropping apple slices and Skittles on a well-used portion of the cafeteria floor that neither attracted bacteria for up to half a minute.

Sweet! I knew it was true!

What's for lunch?

Ramsey Rally

We got back from the Ramsey Rally event today a little before noon. I had a great time, despite a smaller than anticipated turnout for the event itself. The park was very beautiful, full of nice (paved) trails, and full of caches. The event committee did a great job putting the event together, from the selection of the park, working with park officials, setting up the temp caches, food, prizes, and cleaning up afterwards. The MnGCA is successful because of the volunteers in the organization that are willing to put forward their time to make it successful.

The board has decided to take on the fall event ourselves, thus giving some of the hard working volunteers a break.

Pictures from the weekend are here.

Couple arrested for DWI

Ok, how dumb do you have to be?:

Last Tuesday in St. Cloud police responded to a call of a motorist hitting a utility box and driving off. The same motorist is suspected of hitting a vehicle a couple of minutes later. Police caught up with him at his home, determined he was under the influence, and arrested him.

His wife shows up at the jail to bail him out. Turns out that she'd had a few too many cocktails as well - police determined she was intoxicated and arrested her at the jail.

Freight Rail Works

I was browsing the print version of the Star Tribune tonight while eating dinner and noticed an ad that announced that freight trains can move 1 ton of cargo an average of 423 miles on one gallon of fuel. They gave the address to a website as well, which I followed up on.

They have a few different fact sheets (ad campaigns) for download. One of them states, in addition to what I said above, that "because a freight train is more than three times as fuel efficient as a truck, shifting just 10 percent of long-haul freight from truck to rail would reduce fuel consumption by more than 1 billion gallons a year."

Think about that. 1 billion gallons of fuel per year.

Another sheet has some mind staggering figures on it as well:

In 2005, U.S. freight railroads hauled enough:
Coal to supply electricity to every home in America.

Wheat to make more than 400 loaves of bread for every man, woman and child in America.

Corn to supply the lifetime corn requirements of 28 billion chickens or 287 million hogs, or to feed more than 27 million dairy cows for a year.

Newsprint to print 11.4 billion newspapers — more than half of all the papers printed in the U.S. each year.

Fertilizer to spread 203 pounds on every acre of corn, wheat and soybeans planted in the United States — an area approximately equal to the combined land area of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas and Nebraska.

Lumber to build approximately 1.1 million average-sized houses.

Ramsey Rally

I'll be heading down to Redwood Falls, MN on Friday for the MnGCA Spring Event, the Ramsey Rally. I'm heading down there Friday morning with Esko, DLH, and ghost. We've got 41 caches on our 'to-do' list for the trip down although I doubt we'll get them all. We have about 12 hours to get there before dark, and the route we're taking is almost 5 hours alone. Plus a couple of stops for meals and such...

Should be a good time!

6 year old disappears from Biwabik (FOUND)

Jacob Lee Lagerquist, 6, wandered away from his home south of Biwabik Monday evening. The St. Louis County Sheriff doesn't believe foul play is involved although they aren't ruling it out either. About 70 people are now involved in the search. It's believed that he wandered into a wooded area near his home.

Take a moment to pray for the boy and the family.

"Jacob is 4 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 80 pounds. He was light brown hair and was wearing a light grey long-sleeved shirt, green colored sweat pants and black tennis shoes. Anyone with information about Jacob is asked to call the sheriff’s office at (218) 749-6010."

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