Bergson not running for re-election! Or is he?

June 14, 2006: Bergson has a press conference to state that he's not going to run for re-election as Duluth's mayor.

April 12, 2007: Bergson confirms that he is not running for re-election as Duluth's mayor.

July 17, 2007: Bergson files for re-election.

If you can't trust him to decide if he's going to run, how can you trust him anywhere else?

Ralph Doty had an excellent writeup on the situation in the editorial section of the Budgeteer. It's a must-read.

Bergson calls for boycotting SMDC

This is one of those articles that I read and just shake my head in disbelief. The mayor of Duluth, Herb Bergson, has called on people to boycott St. Mary's/Duluth Clinic (SMDC) over a parking dispute (which he later said he didn't use the word "boycott" - whatever).

The parking dispute is over the new ramp at 3rd Ave E and 1st St. Apparently the city and SMDC had a verbal agreement where SMDC would lease 400 spaces from the city owned lot at $65 per month per space. The problems arose after the ramp was built - the costs of building the ramp skyrocketed. Bergson now wants to charge SMDC $150 + cost of living increases for the spaces. Bergson is upset that SMDC is refusing to pay.

I don't understand what Bergson thinks here (or does he)? Take this: Someone comes to you, says that they're willing to build a garage for you that you can make payments of $50/month on for 10 years. You say that the agreement sounds pretty reasonable. They build the garage, then tell you that the costs of building it skyrocketed during construction and that you'll need to pay $115/month for 10 years. What would you tell them? "Where do I send the check?" Right...

On top of that, Bergson, for reasons that aren't apparent to me, has decided to make it personal with the SMDC CEO, Peter Person. Naturally the DNT got sucked right into it. Bergson says that the administrator's pay has continued to go up rapidly in recent years yet they won't agree to an increase in parking fees. Read it for yourself. Hello?!? How in the world are THOSE two items related? Way to go Herb for dragging this through the dirt!

Then, to put the icing on the cake, the city wants SMDC to agree to release any revenue from the city renting out the leased spaces on the evenings and weekends. SMDC is not willing to release those funds. I can understand this although it's not clear to me at the moment how this was addressed in the original verbal agreement.

Word to the wise (and Mayor Bergson): Before you build a $13 million dollar structure and depending on a business to provide revenue to lease 2/3 of it, maybe you should get a little something more than a handshake.

Way to go SMDC - I would hold out for a new mayor as well in hopes that you get one with a head on his or her shoulders.

Iraq vet killed in Duluth. Newspapers fueling the fire?

On Saturday, June 30th, Iraq vet Staff Sgt. Adam Michael Sheda, 26, was shot and killed in a dispute in Duluth. This is tragic, don't get me wrong. The Duluth Police have apparently already arrested the individual responsible. Alcohol was a contributing factor in the case.

What I don't get however is the newspaper's blurbs about Adam's myspace account (most recently in the Star Trib). Can someone tell me what this has to do with the rest of the story?:

While still in Iraq, Sheda opened a account that included the following:

"I'm on my second year in Iraq right now, which is wonderful! All my friends better throw me one hell of a party when I get home. My plans when I get back are to drink until my heart stops."

Setting a good example

I always get a good laugh out of this although it's not really funny..

The father of a St. Paul Little League player, Wade Campbell (46), apparently threatened the kid's coach, saying he was going to "shoot him down like a dog".

Apparently he was ejected from the kid's game last Friday after being a pain in the rear to everyone there, then made the threat to the coach on Sunday.

Way to go Wade! Nothing like setting that good example for your kid!

Charlie Brown: Pigpen

A little slow...

Sorry things have been a little slow lately. I'm currently in the middle of a two-week caching trip (mixed in with mild amounts of work) in Oklahoma City. After a little bit of working in the morning, followed by a little bit of caching in the evening, there are literally no hours left in the day.

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