Note To Self

Note to self: It's probably worth paying someone to replace brake pads next time. It's not worth the pain and suffering of trying to fight bolts that have been in the calipers for two+ years.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

February 1: Riding On the Duluth East Trails

I talked with Pat on the phone Thursday and he mentioned that he was thinking about exploring the Duluth East Trails on Friday afternoon as he had a couple of hours to kill while waiting for his carpet to dry after doing the deep cleaning thing. I told him I was game to explore a little with him - I had only been on the trails a couple of times before, most recently last week and I still didn't know where they all went.

After our ride I'm happy to say that we followed a few of the trails and I now know where they go, although I'm not sure I could remember it if I needed to. We visited Oakley St, 52nd Ave E, Lester Park, Hawk's Ridge, Skyline Parkway, and the Seven Bridges Road. A whole bunch of east end locations that I never knew you could ride to (and some that I knew you could).

Total trip mileage: 18
Total year mileage: 1139

January 27: Ride From Home to Lester Park, Up to Hwy 2, and Back Home

I left home on Sunday morning to head down to Billy's Bar where the Beargrease HQ is to volunteer there. I arrived in the area about 45 minutes early so I decided to explore some of the Duluth East trails that I've only been on one other time. There are a few different turns in the trails - I ended up in Lester Park at the pavilion. I then turned around and headed back up to Billy's and got there shortly before 11am.

My time at Billy's was spent volunteering for the Beargrease. I spent a fair amount of it in the basement working the radio as net control, something I've done for a number of years and really enjoy. I also ended up out in the parking lot for a few hours helping the HAM operator out there keep up (he was working the checkpoint by himself where it's normally worked by 2 or 3 HAMs). After the checkpoint closed up in the parking lot I ended up back in the basement and worked net control there until about 8:30pm.

After that I headed up the trail and met up with a HAM who was running sweep for the race on his snowmobile at the Laine Rd. We rode together up to the Hwy 2 lot north of Two Harbors where I hung out for about an hour before heading home at 10:30pm.

The ride home (as well as the ride up) was beautiful - the trails were in very nice shape (except for the Reservoir Riders trail, which was good to fair in the morning and just fair on the way home). I shot across Island Lake on the way home to save a little time, and ended up walking in the door just a couple of minutes to midnight. This was one of only two trips that I can ever recall where I yawned repeatedly in the helmet, although I still found myself quite alert while riding.

Total trip mileage: 138
Total year mileage: 1121

John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

The John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon is nearly upon us yet again.

I've volunteered for this since I was about 12 or 13, for a total of what I believe is 18 years now (including this year). 16 of those years have been spent with the Beargrease Amateur Radio Coalition (BARC), although I also did some volunteering with the Boy Scouts in the beginning (as well as a couple of years for both).

I've spent, by far, the majority of my time with the race at BARC's net control, which is what coordinates the communication among all of the road crossings and checkpoints, although I've had my fair share of time out in the field as well (contrary to what some think).

I've spent a number of years at the Riley Rd crossing in Duluth, one year at the West Tischer crossing (the year they went down the side of the road to Billy's (which was then the Prime Time Steakhouse).

I spent a year at the Two Harbors Golf Course when the clubhouse was the checkpoint, a year at the Hwy 2 checkpoint, and a year at Tofte for the mid-distance finish. I also toured part of the course two different years (one by truck and one by sled), hitting Sawbill and Finland (by truck) and Sawbill and all points north (by sled).

For BARC I've held a number of different roles including Net Control chair (for more years than I can count), Secretary, Checkpoint chair, and two years of President (including the only year that the race didn't run - last year). This year I'm not on the board at all (my choice) - everyone approaches the 'burnout' point at one time or another - it's a point I've reached a number of times over the years.

I'll be at net control for the start of the race this year (one of my favorite times to be there - things are pretty busy for the start), as well as a two hour shift on Monday. It's a small contribution to the overall race, although it's just right for me this year. Hopefully next year I'll be a little more motivated and be ready to put a little more into it.

Registering Kid's Domain Names

A co-worker mentioned tonight about how he was thinking of registering a domain name for his granddaughter. That got me thinking...

So I registered domain names for my two kids - For now it points back to here - sometime in the future though maybe they'll do something different with it.

I also looked at registering my name as a .com. Naturally it was taken already.

The co-worker also mentioned that sometimes people look up the domain name before naming the kid - something I chuckled at although I know it's true.....

Google Ads and Gallery2

I found out tonight that I'm having some issues with how the Google Ads display on the Gallery2 pages. For the time being I've disabled the ads for registered users until I figure out how to resolve the issue.

My Adsense ads are displayed in a Drupal block, which I have disabled when displaying gallery pages, although Drupal seems to be ignoring that for some reason and displaying them anyway (even though it doesn't do that for other pages I have disabled).


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