MOGA - here and gone

What an excellent MOGA this year! Special thanks to the cachers that put on the event. I know that there was a lot of hard work involved in setting up and running the event - it showed and was appreciated! Team MnGCA had an excellent showing this year - I believe there were something like 18 people that registered from Minnesota, and perhaps about 15 or so that went. Minnesota placed or won in all three of the competitions that were offered (individual, two-person, and four-person).

I ran in the two-person event with EskoClimber. He nearly killed me with the pace in the beginning, although once we ran up and down a couple of hills we settled on a pace that was aggressive enough yet something that we could both keep up with for three hours. In the end we found 21 caches in just under three hours to win in the event. While we were serious about the competition, we didn't (or at least I didn't) have my heart set on the win - I was just out there to find some caches and put in a good effort. I know from talking with Esko (between gasps for air) that he felt pretty much the same way.

Congratulations to all of the teams that ran - I think fun was had by all (except maybe the two injured folks that had to be pulled out of the woods)...

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