Ok, so I've been slacking a bit. I promise to try and get up to date sometime soon... Things I'm hoping to post about include Memorial Day weekend, the Spring MnGCA event, and some interesting Duluth issues... Hopefully I'll get caught up on Sunday (as it's not going to happen tonight).



Oh- and here I thought this thread was about your caching!

re: Slacking

That's almost below the belt. Almost.

Actually I've done a little caching recently. Not much, but a little. And just because of that little comment I won't tell you where my Esker Trail cache is. You can look for it if you like (the container is there), and you may very well be able to brute force it, depending on how lucky you get. The container is (until I replace it) rather large...

Oh, you can remove the UMD Library from your LTF list as well. :) It's alive and well again.

re: Slacking

Tempting - the problem with eskers is they're so darn looong. I do recall seeing a large container of yours recently, but I've been known to not find things that are large.

I did find Tree Gal's first cache on Sunday, very nicely done and worth it to see the beaver dam at the end - you're pretty much below water level, it's impressive.

Dang, just when my LTF list was coming along nicely, I'll have to update it.

subliminal message re esker cache


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