Maplewood State Park

This park was the first park that we stayed at on our week and a half camping trip this year. While the park was beautiful, I'm told it's absolutely stunning in the fall when the leaves are changing. It's called Maplewood for a reason. The park offer a few different areas to overlook the trees and the trails through the woods offer some nice views - the woods that I hiked through were lacking a lot of the underbrush that often can block the nice views.

View of the Hiking Club Trail

The geocache is located atop Hallaway Hill in the park. The hill offers some nice views of the surrounding countryside. (I recall hiking this hill in the past when I was just a kid and finding garter snakes all over the mowed trail on the way up.) My dad and I hiked the hill on Friday afternoon when we arrived at the park and located the cache with no problems at all.

View from Hallaway Hill

We hiked the Hiking Club Trail on Saturday morning. He told me along the way about the last time he was here, hiking the same trail alone, with warnings about a cougar in the park (and how it stalks it's prey, etc, etc). Thankfully there were no recent spottings this year. :)

You can view all of the pics from the stay here.

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