Getting Ready for Hunting

I spent most of Saturday preparing for my annual three weekends out in the woods, wearing one of the most obvious colors (to humans) that there is. Blaze orange.

I headed out Saturday morning to haul some of my gear and food out to my deer stand, which is about a 3/4 mile hike from where we make camp. I still have a few things yet to bring out, but I was able to get the majority of it out there on Saturday. I ran into one of my cousins who was scouting out a location for a stand as well. I also heard from him that another cousin and two uncles would be out on Sunday to get their stuff all ready to go.

After hauling my stuff out to the stand, I went back to the truck and got my rifle and sighted it in at the stand. I enjoy sighting it in while sitting in the stand versus at a range or even back at camp as I know that the distance to the target is where I will be hoping to see the big one come out.

After getting all of that stuff squared away I went home to plug away on building our new deck for a few hours, then headed down to Hermantown to assist in the loading and hauling of this year's deer camp firewood. Jamie was quite late in arriving, and since he's the one with all of the keys to get the project underway we couldn't help but sit and wait. Once he arrived (about 6pm), we got the trucks loaded up with wood and arrived up at camp around 9pm, unloaded the trucks, and then I headed home, not getting home until a few minutes after 10pm. Hopefully we'll have plenty of firewood although most of us have already noted that we have less this year than we've had in past years.

I'm looking forward to Friday now - the official start of the season (for me anyway). I still have a few things I need to gather up around the house, and probably one last quick trip to the grocery store, but otherwise I think I'm pretty well set.

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