Another Fishing Opener Come and Gone

Another opener has come and gone, with a new set of fun (and not-so-fun experiences).

The highlights:

Throwing back 6# and 7# walleyes because you've reached your limit for walleyes over 20" (this was originally put here as good, although it's also kind of a bummer in a weird way).

Having the tent leak from above enough to soak your sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket. There's a bit of a story behind this. It involves the first snowfall that stuck to the ground that Jamie can recall in his 30+ years of making the fishing trip. We got enough snowfall that I believe it stretched the fabric of the tent enough to allow the moisture to drip through. Since we had a heater in the sleeping portion of the tent, there was plenty of moisture to drip.

At about 12:30am I woke up to drips hitting my pillow. About 1am Jamie woke up and told me he was getting wet. By 1:30am it was pretty constant. We all just went into a survival mode, tucked deep inside our sleeping bags, and hoped we'd stay dry and warm inside the bag until morning when we could sort out the mess (which we did). Another new camping experience for me.

Pictures from the long weekend are here.

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