Duluth's Woopie Wall

I got an email notification yesterday afternoon that a new cache popped up fairly close to work. As I was already heading out in a little bit to meet my wife and kids for supper at a nearby restaurant, I decided to leave a little early, taking a slightly longer-than-normal lunch, and try and nab the FTF rights on the new cache.

The cache, Woopie Wall was placed by Neoaddict. I arrived about 30 minutes (or perhaps less) and found ghost640 there with his son. He hadn't found it yet, so I figured there was still hope. Shortly afterwards, the most well-dressed cacher that I've seen in the wild yet arrived, Alevin. We looked for just a couple minutes more when Neoaddict arrived to put a new pencil in the cache. She sat on a rock and quickly confirmed that the coordinates were a little off (perhaps 30'). After telling us the approximate area that we needed to be looking in, ghost640 found the cache.

It was nice to have a chance to visit with a cacher I hadn't seen for a few months as well as meet a couple of cachers that I hadn't met before. Unfortunately I couldn't hang around to chat very long as I had to get to dinner, but hopefully we'll have a chance to meet again in the near future.



It was neat to be part of that quick little flash mob that formed there. I had just picked up Ev at school in Proctor when this popped up, so I was only a few minutes away. I wasn't quite sure how to approach by car, but wove around and got a reading of 60 ft. We were only there a few minutes before you & Alevin popped up.

Nice to have NeoAddict on the scene placing these new caches. She's also becoming a significant first-to-finder - I'm glad to see some NEW names on these new caches, although I still like it better when its MY name in that spot...

Yes it was fun! Often to me

Yes it was fun! Often to me the best part of caching isn't finding the cache, it's the socializing that goes along with running into others, caching trips, etc.

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