The Move to Flickr

I've finally completed the move of my Gallery2 pictures to Flickr. It wasn't much fun. I found a plugin for Gallery2 that was supposed to export the pictures, with descriptions, to Flickr. It worked intermittently and only for the smaller albums (20 pics or less for the most part). For the larger albums it exported pictures for a while and then it just died, so I'd have to delete what it exported and try again. And it was S-L-O-W, sometimes taking 45 minutes to export 20 800x600 pics.

In the end I was able to export most of my pics using that, but exported a few of the albums (mostly my private family pics) by uploading the originals to Flickr and abandoning the Gallery2 versions.

I'll be removing the Gallery2 installation from this site either tonight or sometime early next week. The Random Image block on the left side of this page is from my Flickr collection now (and has been for about a week), as is the block of newer pictures near the bottom. For those of you that have access to the family albums, keep in mind that the newer pictures block on the bottom/left doesn't include the private albums like the family pics.

If you're interested in viewing my albums on Flickr now, you can click here. If you're interested in the private albums as well then you'll need to sign up with Flickr and add me as a contact.

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