A view from Enger

I had some extra time to kill Saturday morning after work before getting to my Uncle's house to help him on an all-day shingling project so I stopped by Enger Park and got a cache that's been on my list for the past month or so, A view from Enger.

I was surprised to see the gates to Enger Park still closed. I figured that they would have been opened up after April 1st. I parked at the gate shortly before sunrise (but after the park's 6am opening time) and found my way quickly to the cache. Earlier in the winter the cache had been reported as frozen in place (and thus impossible to open), so I hadn't gone looking for it before this point. In the past week or so it's been logged as found with no mention of being frozen in place so I was guessing that things had melted enough to be able to find it now (which they had).

After logging the cache I drove a little further down the road, poked around the Twin Ponds area a little (I had intended to place a cache in the area 'one of these days' but NeoAddict beat me to it). I then took the loop on Skyline Parkway around the backside of Enger Park. I did a little hiking around on the hillside inside Enger Park, was about to leave when I realized that I was moments away from sunrise.

Most of you probably see the sunrise all too often, so don't give a flip if you see it or not. I, however, do not. Working afternoons, I rarely see the sunrise unless I'm getting up early to do some special project. In this case, the sun lined up nicely with the Aerial Lift Bridge, so I got the camera out and sat down on a rock to enjoy the view and take some pictures.

The pictures didn't turn out the best as I didn't have the tripod with to steady the camera, although I was surprised at how well they did turn out.

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