Sibley State Park

We stayed at Sibley State Park Saturday, August 16th through Monday, August 18th. I have to say that I while I enjoyed the stay, I was less than impressed with this park.

The park has an outstanding swimming beach - long, sandy, with a decent slope to the lake. It's also a very busy swimming beach. I think everyone and their brother was probably there when we arrived on Saturday.

The lower campground is very close together - this reminds me of my very limited experiences in KOA campgrounds where the camper next to you or behind you is just a few feet away across the grass.

We did the Hiking Club Trail on Sunday as well as the geocache. The cache is near but not on the Hiking Club Trail. Our route ended up adding about an extra mile onto the hike.

The hike takes you up to Mt. Tom, which sounds impressive although I wasn't overly impressed. It seems like when they put "Mt." in front of something that it should be more impressive than that. You are able to see quite a ways from the overlook on top (you can make out the Willmar water towers 17 miles away without much effort), but honestly I've felt like I've been higher on fire towers.

The route of the Hiking Club Trail wasn't well marked at all. You can tell where they have placed new signs recently, but there are a number of intersections that weren't marked at all. At one point my dad knew that the Hiking Club Trail took a left when the sign pointed to the right. We took the left and came upon some older Hiking Club Trail signs later on. We later found more signs pointing people through the campground, although we never ended up on that route. It's almost like the park altered the course (and probably lengthened it), although overall it was very confusing.

I did enjoy our stay at the park - we did some swimming with the girls at dusk on Sunday night and had the beach virtually to ourselves. It was amazing how much the campground emptied out on Sunday - the closeness of the surrounding campsites wasn't really an issue then as many of them were unoccupied (including the one directly behind us).

Pictures of our stay are here.

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