Monson Lake State Park

Our stay at Monson Lake State Park on the night of August 15th was pretty much an accident. I had made an error when making the original reservations that I discovered about 2 weeks prior to our departure for the trip. The error meant that we had no reservations for the night of the 15th. We had originally planned on just driving through this park on our way from Lake Carlos to Sibley, but instead ended up staying the night here, which worked out well.

The park is the site of an Sioux Indian uprising (massacre) in 1862 that claimed the lives of 13 settlers in the area at the time. The depressions of the basements of the homesteads can still be seen (two depressions are very near to the park office and another is near the gravel road to the east of the park).

We were surprised to see that the park had a full-time staff member/manager when we arrived (Rodney). He was very interesting to chat with and I'm sure is a large part of why I enjoyed the park as much as I did.

The campground was full of nice-looking sites, and Rodney said that they should be putting electricity in to some of the sites "any day", which sounded like before the end of this year's camping season. Honestly I'm not sure why the parks don't have more electric sites then they do - electric sites are almost always the ones that are completely booked up first.

We found the geocache while doing the Hiking Club Trail. This was the only Hiking Club trail that the entire family went with. We also took in the tail-end of an interpretive presentation (that started with a movie at Sibley) before we departed the park on Satuday.

A very enjoyable park although fairly small - not much for trails and the lake, while sandy, has an algae problem that makes swimming less than desirable.

View pictures from our stay here.

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