March 13, 2009: Home to Finland, Trestle Inn, Isabella, back home

I snuck out Friday (the 13th) evening to take a ride with Pat up to the Trestle (as we like to get there once a year and hadn't been there yet this year). Pat ended up inviting Randy, an acquaintance of his, to ride with us.

I left home at about 4:45pm and met up with Randy and Pat at the Normanna Pit, and then the three of us left the pit at about 6. Trails were rough and only got worse the farther north we got. Trails were the worst Pat or I had seen all year.

There is plenty of snow up north (in some spots you still sink in over your knee if you step off the trail, and in other spots the banks above the trail are still 2 feet or more). I think most of the problem was the recent snowfall we had earlier in the week had been beat down but had not yet been groomed.

After we left the Trestle Inn we continued up the Tomahawk to the Yukon - the Yukon was was nice - the northern part that we rode was FRESHLY groomed. We got gas at the Knotted Pine Inn (way too many drunk people there for comfort), then headed down the Yukon towards home. Passed the groomer between the Knotted Pine and Hwy 11, but even the parts of the Yukon that weren't freshly groomed were in excellent shape.

We lucked out and followed groomed trails most of the way home from there - the North Shore State Trail had been groomed going north out of Hwy 2, plus the Laine Rd groomer was out, plus the Pequawyan groomer had gone north off the Pequawyan Trail, so we only had the few miles between the Pequawyan Trail and the pit that was ungroomed (but still in decent shape).

We got back to the pit at 1am and I was back home and in the door at about 1:50am. This would be the latest ride I've ever done. I was surprised to see people out on the trail so late - Pat saw a sled heading north on the North Shore trail at the Yukon intersection at about midnight, we passed a northbound group on the NSST between Hwy 2 and the pit, and I passed two different groups (after 1am) on the Reservoir Riders trail.

Total miles this ride: 249
Total miles this year: 1953

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