Lake Maria State Park

After we left Sibley on Monday we headed over to Lake Maria State Park to get the stamp and do the Hiking Club Trail.

After getting the stamp at the office (which wasn't manned) we proceeded to the trail center to begin the hike. Only after I was pulling into the parking lot did I realize that the beginning of the park's multicache was actually at the office. Since we were pulling the trailer I wasn't sure if there was enough room for me to get the truck and trailer turned around if we were to go back to the office so instead I hiked back down the road to the office to get the coordinates to the three stage multi. As it turns out, the coordinates for the second stage made it so that I would have had to drive the truck and trailer into the group camp parking lot, which I wasn't thrilled to do since I wasn't sure if there was enough space to turn around (if there wasn't then it would be a long 1/2 mile that I would have to back it all up). Since there was another cache in the park that was along the Hiking Club Trail I opted for that instead.

I enjoyed the park but we didn't spend too much time there and probably won't in the future since there is no room for our trailer in the park.

Pictures from the day are here.

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