Lake Carlos State Park

We arrived at the park on Monday the 11th between some rain drops. It had just stopped raining there before we arrived and started up again while we were there. Our stay at this park was a couple of nights - we left on Wednesday the 13th.

I've stayed at Lake Carlos a number of times in the past. Some of the family members that we often camp with enjoy the park - it's not exactly one of my favorites however, primarily because the lower campground on the lakeside is fairly crowded with little privacy between campsites.

My dad did the geocache without me on Monday evening after we had all headed into Alexandria to hit up the Pizza Ranch for dinner. Natalie and I headed over the Walmart after dinner to buy some various items that we needed, while he headed back to the park with my aunt and uncle. We had originally talked about doing the cache together that evening, however my quick stop at Walmart turned into an hour+ stop, so he opted to do the cache with my uncle in the evening (they finished up the cache at dusk). I went out the next morning and located it with him in tow (I think he gets a kick out of watching me look for it).

After the cache we drove over to the picnic grounds and did the Hiking Club Trail as well.

This was the last park that we saw any rain at - our campsite at Carlos however seemed to puddle up pretty easy when it rained, so things got a little messy a couple of times.

Click here to view the pictures from our stay.


I think it's pretty cool

I think it's pretty cool that your dad not only caches but will cache w/o you!

He'll only do the History

He'll only do the History Challenge caches at the moment though. I loaded some of the other caches in state parks for him yesterday, so he may try some of those...

After we went back during the last couple of weeks and figured out what he's found with me and others (plus a couple on his own) he's already up to about 55 finds and has been caching since '03 I believe!

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