January 10, 2009: Home to Meadowlands and back to Canyon

Started out in the late morning with finishing up my sled repairs from my last ride, then I rode around the back yard with the kids for a good half hour (that was a blast, riding circles over and over, for them and for me).

After that, I left home and headed up to Canyon to meet up with Jamie and Pat. Our intention was to ride up to the DQ in Grand Rapids for dinner, although it didn't work out quite that way. On the way up (and the trails were absolutely beautiful BTW), Pat's sled died a few miles NW of Meadowlands. We putzed with it on the trail for about an hour and decided to give up on it and haul it out. We pulled it back to Meadowlands and then Pat rode double with Jamie back to Canyon. We loaded my sled up with Jamie (so it will pre-loaded for next weekend's major trek), and then Pat and I went to retrieve his dead sled. By the sounds of it, he's got a compression problem in the motor, so he'll have to do a compression test to see if it's worth salvaging or not. The motor has about 6k-8k miles on it I would guess, but I think he said the sled's at 16k (that's like having 250k-300k on a car).

Miles this ride: 95
Miles this year: 616

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