Indian Lake State Forest Campground

I headed up to Indian Lake near Rollins & Brimson, MN with just the girls last weekend. Indian Lake has always been a nice place to go for me, although it's been a number of years since we were here (the last time I was here was in October of 1998 - I remember the ice on the lake one of the mornings that we woke up). It's a nice, smaller campground that's out of the way. The DNR continues to take pretty good care of it - the roads are still decently maintained and the campsites were mowed recently.

Thankfully it wasn't as cold this weekend (although it did get rather chilly the first night), but the rain set in on Saturday afternoon and stayed until we left on Sunday morning.

The campground has a boat launch that gets you onto Indian Lake as well as the Cloquet River (which you can follow about 30 miles to Island Lake or something like 70 to the St. Louis River). There's a nice sandy swimming beach as well as a small picnic ground complete with horseshoe pits onsite.

Horseshoe Pits

Water Pump

Beach Area

On Friday afternoon we headed out to do a couple of geocaches (note to self: never let a 3-yr old hold the GPS and expect to go in the correct direction), then we drove into Bear Lake. Bear Lake is a decent sized lake that has a boat launch and used to be the site of another State Forest campground, although they let the campground go years ago and it's fairly well grown in now. You can still drive the loop and some of the sites have remained open - there were three different groups camping there when we drove through.

Boat Launch at Bear Lake

Boat Launch area at Bear Lake

The pictures from the weekend can be found here.


Indian Lake campground

It's nice to see Indian Lake campground get such good reviews. It's a nice campground pretty close to Duluth with fun things to do. Blueberry picking can be good there in late July or early August. I featured the campground in my book

Indian Lake

I enjoy the campground - I've camped there since I was a kid. My Eagle Scout project is also located at the campground (along with two others).

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