Google Street View in Duluth?

Today on the way to work I passed a car stopped at the intersection of Skyline Parkway and 24th Ave W that had a "Google Maps" sticker on the side of it and an apparatus that stood about 2' tall mounted on the roof. I can only imagine, based on the little bit of research I've done about Google's Street View, is that this is a Google Street View car. It looked very similar to this (not my picture):

Time will tell if it actually was or not I guess.



Nice! I hope you posed for the picture! Take a note of where you were at the time you saw it - it may come in handy when you find yourself in a year online.

re: Boom!

That's a large part of the reason for making the post - that way I'll be able to remember where I was by looking back here. Of course I just need to remember now that I made that post... :)

Google Street View

The imagery is starting to come online now. A couple of very small segments came up about a month ago, a little more came up last week, and a decent size chunk (including my driveway out in the country) came up in the past day or two. There's still a fair amount yet to go (including the spot where I saw their car).

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