Glendalough State Park

After leaving Maplewood on Monday the 11th we made a quick pit stop at Inspiration Peak to take in the (foggy) view and find a geocache hidden near the top. I've seen the point on the map for a long time and have always wondered what was there. I'm sure the view is stunning, we just missed out on it.

After that we headed to Glendalough State Park to do the Hiking Club Trail and find the geocache in the park.

This was perhaps the worst hike of the trip, not because of the park or the trails but because of the weather. We started out in a mist and I'm not sure it ever really got better until we were pretty close to the end when it finally stopped for a short period of time. The Hiking Club Trail seemed poorly signed in multiple places here (including the first couple intersections that we came to). Luckily my dad had a good idea where we were supposed to be on the map so we made it around the lake.

Hiking Club Trail

"Stand over by that sign and look like you're having fun."

To see the pics from our short visit, click here.

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