February 7, 2009: Home to Pequaywan Inn and back

I managed to sneak out for a ride on Saturday afternoon. I left from home and was supposed to meet up with Jamie (and his whole family) and Pat at the Normanna Pit in the mid-afternoon. I arrived at the pit but no one was there yet, so I headed down the trail towards the Martin Rd to see just where I would meet up with them. I passed Ruth and the kids at the Lester River shelter, but no Jamie and Pat... Thought that was odd... I stopped at the shelter for a little bit (and checked on my geocache while I was there), then headed back up the trail to catch up with Ruth and the kids. When we were just about to the pit Jamie came up from behind. After chatting with him for a few moments I learned that Pat was having problems with his sled overheating (he had replaced one of three radiators in the past week after tearing it off with a rock). We ended up continuing on down the trail while Jamie went back to help Pat.

We hung out at the Normanna pit for perhaps 15 minutes, then headed down the trail and up the Pequaywan trail towards the Inn. We stopped at the first shelter (I believe it's Hanson's shelter) to take in the sunset and wait for Jamie and Pat to catch up.

We waited for what seemed like forever (30 minutes maybe?), then decided that they must have had larger problems and weren't coming. The decision was made to continue on to the Inn on our own. When we got to the Inn, after we had just shut the machines off for a minute or two, they came rolling up behind us. We all went in and had something to drink (Jamie's family started off as getting just something to drink, then a basket of fries, then all of a sudden most of the family was eating). :)

On the way home Pat was telling me how well the machine was running. Bad idea. Next thing you know it's acting like it fouled a plug (not surprising as he's running mixed gas after his recent engine rebuild), but the plug wasn't fouled. Back to the garage for him (I have to say that I feel really bad given all of the time and effort he's put into the machine and the little bit of riding he's gotten out of it in return this year).

I had originally told Natalie I would be home around 8pm. I ended up getting home about 8:45, although everyone had been sleeping since 8 anyway.

All in all a good ride for me, but a bummer for Pat...

Total miles this ride: 98
Total miles this year: 1208

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