Father Hennepin State Park

Father Hennepin was our last overnight park of the trip. It was also the only park that we camped at where it was just the four of us.

We arrived on Monday afternoon, and I ended up heading out that evening before dark to try and accomplish the two "missions" for the trip - the Hiking Club Trail and the geocache.

The geocache here was a two stage multi. As I started my walk back to the office (where I thought the first stage was), I ended up walking through the picnic area and stumbled upon the first stage (turns out that it's not at the office afterall). I got the coordinates to the second stage and started down the Hiking Club Trail. This was once of the nicer hikes I think I went on, primarily due to the perfect weather and the fact that I was walking along the lakeshore for much of it during a clear evening at sunset with virtually no bugs, a slight breeze, and perfect temps.

Along the Hiking Club Trail there are two additional caches, as well as a cache at Pope Point, which is a half-mile (one way) detour.

On the return trip to the camper along the trail I spied a yearling deer as well as two of the albino deer that are fairly well known in the park. I'm guessing I got within about 30' of one of them as I hiked the trail, and although I tried to take a picture it didn't turn out (it was well after sunset by that point). I had always meant to go back down the trail the next day and see if I could spot them and get some pictures but I never did - this isn't the first time I've seen the deer in the park so I figured I had a decent chance of seeing them again.

We had a pretty good time at the park overall - the kids spent a lot of time at the swing set/sandbox that they had in the campground. The campground was probably well over half full, which was amazing for it being the middle of the week.

Pictures from the stay are here.

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