December 27, 2008: Home to Finland

Rode with Pat and Jamie on the 27th up to Finland. We had lunch at "Our Place", which is a favorite stop of mine (I can't believe that Jamie says that he's never been there before!) I'd like to say that we rode up to Finland AND BACK, although it didn't quite work out that way...

Heading back, Pat had a tie rod end pull apart, which caused his left-side ski to basically lay on it's side. He limped it back to the parking lot outside of Beaver Bay and we got Ruth to come up with the truck and tote the three of us home.

After he limped it back to the parking lot, Jamie and I rode into Beaver Bay to make the call to Ruth. We fueled up in town, and then decided to grab some beverages while there to make the wait a little more enjoyable. I have to say that's the first time I've been in a liquor store while riding... I have a pretty hard-fast rule (unbroken to date and I doubt it will ever be broken) about not drinking a drop while riding. I don't mind cracking one open after a ride. It's even more enjoyable when you're just killing time waiting for your ride to show up...

Total miles this ride: 157
Total miles this year: 330

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