December 20, 2008: Home to Martin Rd to Dixie's Saloon and back

Went for the first ride of the year on Saturday from home, across Island Lake and down to the Martin Rd lot, then met up with Brian C and Jake (his son), Pat, and Jamie. Rode from there up to Dixie's Saloon, had some lunch (we got there at 11:30 which is right when they opened), and then rode the whole course in reverse, getting home around 4:30pm.

The ride went fairly well - tons of snow out there. I ended up getting stuck in the ditch trail (twice) a few blocks from the house (that's what I get for taking my wife's 380 out in about 3' of fresh ditch snow). I cut across Island Lake (more because I felt like I was running behind a little on time), but the lake had a good 18" to 24" of fresh snow on it as well, with slushy spots underneath. With the throttle wide open, the speedometer said about 35 MPH and I'm pretty sure I could have gotten out and walked faster a couple of times (ok, not really, but you get the point).

I caught up with the rest of the group at the Martin Rd lot, chatted for just a couple of minutes, and then we were on our way. No real serious problems to speak of, with Pat getting the Rhubarb Award just a few miles into the ride. Lots of snow on the trails, and tons of fresh snow the further north we got. All in all a great ride, although maybe a bit much for the first ride of the year...

All of the pictures from the ride are here.

Total miles this ride: 173
Total miles this year: 173

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