Charlie Brown: Linus

If you hate crossword puzzles then you're going to hate this cache. There's no easier way to put that.

I'll get you started on this cache. To finish the puzzle below won't get you to the cache without the rest of the information but it WILL give you a significant head start.

I don't believe any of the remaining information from the cache page will assist you in solving the puzzle below (there are no more hints).

These clues are also provided in a text file.

1. Traveled in a peloton
2. Apt description for a two-year-old?
3. Protected
4. Hodgepodge
5. Top worn with a driver in hand?
6. Johnny Suede
7. A basis for comparison, especially using gold
8. Linus and Lucy
9. Hackman and Borgnine's Adventure
10. Dagwood
11. Most reflective
12. One with a shrill, sharp cry
13. Setting for The Big Sleep and To Kill a Mockingbird
14. String and chaos, et. al.
15. Indian clay ovens
16. Type of security
17. Transmitted data in real-time
18. 1765 law repealed in 1766
19. Stovepipes and ten-gallons
20. Complete and all-encompassing
21. Melds of seven cards
22. Job for Bench
23. Japanese moral codes
24. Candide author
25. Cereal once endorsed by the Lone Ranger
26. Justine and Jason
27. Aged and became full-flavored
28. "Dexter" network
29. Soothing balm
30. Covered with damp fungus
31. Act like Spider-Man
32. Lead-in to "slope" and "when wet"
33. What #51 have done in #55 for years
34. Without mistake
35. Noon, or later, or earlier, if you like
36. HBO western
37. Cheats or dupes
38. Barren, like a plain
39. Makes the deal more appealing
40. Simon and Garfunkel album
41. For "p implies q," "q implies p"
42. Humanitarian emblem established under the first Geneva Convention
43. America, to Columbus
44. British twenty-ones
45. Two-word adjective for Lucas Jackson
46. Novice
47. MLB's _______ of Anaheim
48. Those with innate talent
49. Siegel and Shuster, for example
50. Type of personality
51. Seasonal residents of #55
52. Branch of classical mechanics dealing with motion
53. Employees in training, often
54. Log holders
55. Florida city facing the Gulf of Mexico
56. Used cars, often
57. Highway accident



Do you assign the difficulties for your own caches at If so: 1,5 stars? Man, my next one's going to involve partial differential equations and algebraic structures.

re: Difficulty

Yes, we do assign our own difficulties.

I don't typically think that the difficulty should include the solving of the puzzle. What may take one person a few minutes (like you) may take others (like me) a few days. Most people can sum up the difficulty of the puzzle in the first few minutes of working towards solving it. The difficulty, in this case, reflects finding the physical container after the puzzle has been solved.

That said, a math puzzle could be fun. I may have to loan out my calculus book though to help people solve it. :)

Puzzle difficulty

We had a discussion like this on the forum, and ultimately decided (at least I did) that the difficulty should integrate the puzzle-solving and cache-finding difficulties. Otherwise, there is no way to factor in the fact that you have to learn a new discipline (maritime flag systems, for example) in order to find the cache.

re: Puzzle difficulty

I recall the discussion now that you mention it - I'll have to go back and look it up again (who knows, maybe I'm contradicting myself now - wouldn't be the first time).

The problem I have with assigning difficulty to a puzzle cache is that I don't know how hard it will be. It's real easy for me as I already have the answers. As I mentioned to DLHCacher last night, if you're good at crossword puzzles then this probably won't be too hard for you. If you're not then this may be a lot harder.

It should be fairly easy to assign a difficulty to a cache that is straightforward to answer (Fender Bender or Granitoid for example), but other puzzle ones are harder to assign a difficulty to (White Haired Ladies, Mustard, Really Red, heck - all of IBcrashen's mystery caches).

Where I spent a few minutes on ones like Mustard, others spent a lot longer and only got it after a hint from IB.

I'll go back and find and reread the forum topic covering this.

re: Puzzle difficulty

I found the forum thread.

I'll stick by my comments earlier.

In the end it doesn't matter - each cache owner does it their own way, which is fine.

Someone's getting close

I spoke with someone today who knows how to solve the puzzle and is about 1/2 done.



Define half (half, like in half the crossword, or half like in how the crossword relates to any cache-finding kind of thing). I'm hoping it's that former one...

The definition of 'half'

Half, like in 50% of the way to the cache. Actually that's not true. I think this person understands how the crossword relates to any "cache-finding king of thing", this person just hasn't finished solving the crossword puzzle itself (this person is "1/2" way through it).

Bug in the puzzle?

I think I found a typo in the puzzle, although since I haven't figure out how to solve it, perhaps it's supposed to be that way, but I'd appreciate if you check.

A simple yes, no, or "here's how you solve this" would be fine.

In the line for N2 the last term is 54.3.4 - I think it's supposed to be one or the other, yes?

Bug in the puzzle

Yes, it should be one or the other. I won't have time until this afternoon to figure out which one is right though...

Thanks - certainly no need

Thanks - certainly no need to hurry... Did you know the Big Lebowski is loosely based on the Big Sleep?

Bug fix

It's 54.3. I've repaired the cache page as well.

The Big Lebowski

I had to Google "Big Lebowski" to figure out even what it was. The wiki article I see mentions that. Now I need to add it to my Netflix list I guess.

Puzzle hints

I just can't seem to help myself. People bug me for hints and I can't help but spill a little bit here or there. To be fair I'm posting the Q/A here for anyone else.

Next time I do a puzzle cache I think I'm going to plan it for when I'm away from the internet for a week...

I was asked if you actually have to get the words into the puzzle to solve. My answer is no, but it's a lot easier if you do.

The dude abides

Classic Coen brothers movie, turned into a cult film. Their usual cast of characters, Jeff Bridges, John Goodmam, Steve Buscemi & John Tutturo. I wish the language were better, because I'd love for the boys to see it, it's a bit too R rated.

Actually - I meant to add to this - what could the Big Lebowski have in common with a 40's Bogart flick? I guess if Oh Brother can be based on Homer's Oddesey, most anything can happen...

Puzzle error

There was an error in the puzzle. Everything you see now is corrected.

Words 24 & 38 were changed, as well as their start positions.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

More puzzle error

I'm an idiot.

When I fixed the puzzle and replaced the clues for 24 & 38, I inadvertantly swapped them. It's fixed now. This is the last problem, I swear.

Need a better error

I wish you'd post an error that would make things fall into place!


Ok ok. Since the cache has been out for some time now, and I know there are a number of you working on it, I'm willing to help out just a little. Most of this is because IBcrashen offered some help on his recent puzzle (and so I feel a little guilty not doing the same).

I assume the problems are with the crossword puzzle itself. If you've managed to solve the entire crossword puzzle and are STILL stumped then let me know and we can work something out.

Post here, in the comments, which crossword puzzle numbers you're having a problem with and I'll see about offering up a different clue. No guarantee that the new clue will be any easier than the existing clue, and there's no guarantee that I'll offer up a different clue for each one that you may be having problems with.

Hal may also offer up some clues before I get to it - it's totally up to him which, if any, he wants to offer hints to.

This really floats my boat

I have 2 answers for #12, both lame.

Can't even come up with a lame answer for #44


The title of your comment, ghost, is actually sort of ironic.. :) Hopefully you'll learn why in a little bit.

Lame is relative. That said, you may consider the answer to #12 lame, or you may not.

For #44, you may want to also read up on Spanish twenty-ones.

Hopefully that will help to steer you in the right direction.

More puzzle help

Ghost also asked me in a private email about how the puzzle actually works (ie. how to fill it in).

Three ground rules:

1. All answers are 8 letters long. No more, no less.
2. All answers begin in the designated square.
3. All answers either run CW or CCW.

I will also say that once you start to fill it in, and you get it right, you'll KNOW it's right. The puzzle has a unique feature to it that will hopefully become obvious once you start to get the answers filled in correctly.

That help?

33, 34, 53

33, 34, 53

British, and more.

#12 is, indeed, one of the poorer clue/answer combos in the puzzle. I thought about using "Banshee, for example," but it didn't seem quite right. But might be a good hint.

And yes, the line "this really floats my boat" is quite ironic, re: #44. (And no, every time I use the word quite, I'm not going to italicize it. Not every time.)

For #53, what kind of employees are often in training? How much training do you do at a job after you've been there 10, say 15 years?

As far as #33, did you get #51 and #55? If so, I would think that being from the cold north would help you figure this one out.

That's all.

Traditional Crosswords

Keep in mind that, in a traditional crossword, the words actually intersect, and its the intersection of words that provides you the means to check your answers and to help you fill in tougher answers. That's the whole idea. So, while this isn't a traditional crossword, it wouldn't be much of a crossword at all if all the words were entered independently of one another - if they were all independent, I wouldn't have taken the painstaking trouble to make such a pretty grid, would I?

Thx - the one answer is

Thx - the one answer is reasonable, but SO clashes with classical mechanics

Not sure

Not sure which answer you're concerned about - if it's the one I'm thinking of, I think you might be confusing it with a very similar word. Hard to say more - I will say I used Wikipedia for that particular clue.


34 - which I'm not
41 - the logic escapes me


#41: I have a math background, but this is certainly not unsolvable for the non-math user. A Google search and some light (for me) reading polished this one off. As far as the other two, I've got no real hints. I could provide alternate clues, perhaps, for all three of these. Maybe the best way to go would be to provide alternate clues for all 3 but not tell you which is which. Or something. But not now.

Confirming answers

I will also confirm answers for anyone via direct email.

I know most folks wouldn't want to post what they think it is here (and if you're posting the correct answer here then I'd probably delete it anyway).

Personality disorder


Never mind

The Kind Voices helped me.


o represents the number it looks like

16 & 52

IBcrashen asked me for a couple of hints:

16: or Mother Russia or the Fatherland
52: study of the rate of change


16: I was stuck on this one for so long, completely in the wrong realm. Woke up at 4:40 today when our demented white-throated sparrow started up (way out of key, probably a mercury thing) and finally got this one at 4:50, Ms Ghost was not nearly as excited to hear the good news.

52: With the hindsight of quantum mechanics, distinctions among classical mechanics seem trivial, but no doubt important in post-Newtonian times. For a broader perspective, Coulson Whitehead's Intuitionist discusses tension between the Empiricists and Intuitionists within the Department of Elevator Operators in early 50ish metropoli; Empiricists take the approach of rigorously checking structural details, whereas Intuitionists rely on meditation and instinct; the latter turn out to have remarkably high accuracy rates. In any event, it's a great read, and marginally relevant to issues of classical mechanics.

36, 42, 43, 50, 57

A few more simple hints:

36: A town in the Dakotas
42, 43, 57: (two words)
50: Protects us from radiation


Well, #50 isn't a noun - it's an adjective - so a better clue might be:

50: Having opposing poles.

Some good clues

Some good clues I thought of this weekend:

They make shoes too.
Ringo sings about this on the White Album

Go ahead and delete this post if you think these are too clueish.

Another one

Another one I thought of:

"The answer involves transactions of these"

I've forgot which question this went to, but remember thinking at the time it would be a really good clue.



56 Clue

That's a tough one to come up with another clue for... straight from the dictionary, I guess:

Goods given as part of payment.

I know where you are!

Linus, I know where you are! I will come and find you, sooner or later.


I started this puzzle in ernest this morning. I printed of the text file with the clues. I was completely frustrated on one clue until I realized that 24 and 38 though correct on the cache web page, are still reveresed in the text file. Thanks Pear Head for making me pull my hair out for quite a while searching for an alternative "Candide" author.


I have to say I'm truly sorry for that one. I knew I had changed the hints in text file when we changed the puzzle board, but it never occurred to me at the time that I reversed 24 and 38 in the text file as well...

I'll make it up to you. Just please don't hurt me. :)

Does that mean you're not

Does that mean you're not truly sorry for the *other* ones? We could come hurt you together, you know. :)

More apologies

No, I am truly sorry for all of the mixups. (That makes it sounds like there were many, which I don't think there were)..

I have to apologies to DLH in particular as he said he was pulling his hair out. Poor guy doesn't have much to be pulling out.. :)

Just kidding

Just kidding - actually, I was thinking during the late hours of this puzzle - "No one is MAKING me do this." I would just go pick it up on my own, every 20 minutes or so. Strange.

re: Just kidding

That's the fun about caching in general - no one is making you do anything. If it's not enjoyable then it's time to set it aside for a while.


Additional clue for #31:

A type of strap or band used for lifting.

(This one is tough to come up with additional clues for, but hopefully the difference in the two clues will be enough to help people find the common ground between them.)

Got clues?

My popularity among local cachers has gone up considerably since solving the puzzle, so I'll have to state here that I hold pretty high standards.

That means if you want additional clues, you'll have to actually give me stuff, not of this 'hearty thanks, you're a good guy' nonsense.

Like Lucy would say "Cold hard cash, that's what this is about Charlie Brown"


re: Got clues?

If you're going to be getting stuff, whatever it is, I certainly expect a cut. Especially from such a popular cacher (like yourself) that has such high standards (like youself).

Last I heard Hal hadn't won the Powerball either, so he'd probably like a little action.

I figure 25% for me, 25% for him, and 50% for you would be fair.


re: Got clues?

50, 40, 10

Wait, Hal spent a couple weeks writing this, I spent a couple weeks solving it, you took a walk in the woods - what's wrong with this picture?

Hey, I bet you didn't even have to solve this thing, did you? This is so wrong...

re: Got clues?

I think you're right. Hal did work harder than I did on this. He should get more than the rest of us for that.

Not only did I have to take a walk in the woods (and there's another nasty one), I also had to deal with you. I should also get more.




I know, go get my own blog...

More clues?

You guys keep starting and ending your comments with things like 50, 40, 10 and 40/40/20, and I'm wondering if you need additional clues for those, and really you're talking about how little credit I should get for this thing. If I do another puzzle, let's just note that the difficulty will depend on how any Powerball winnings are distributed.

Let's talk about this

Hal - speaking for all the folks working on this puzzle, you really outdid yourself on this one.

It may be the pinnacle of puzzle caches.

I wouldn't even try to top this, just bask in the accolades for a year.

Maybe 2.

re: More clues?

I shouldn't downplay what you've done. I did very little in the whole scheme of things, and the complexity of the puzzle blows me away (as others I've spoken to).

GonSolo's log from

GonSolo's log from today:

After weeks of agony that was felt in solving this puzzle don't think we could have not run and found it once it was solved. If this was revenge for other puzzles it was effective, not soon enough to be spared his last one. Left the TB Flying Hawaiian who wants to go to Hawaii, he's not any closer here but he's out of the rain. TFTC

Is it true? How effective was the revenge? I wouldn't necessarily call it revenge anyway, more like a sample of one's own medicine.

In the end I think this was more like a speed bump for him than anything.

Where did she get weeks

Where did she get weeks from? I haven't had a printer until last Tuesday and didn't start on this *%#@^&*R$ cache until Wednesday. I spent a few hours each night on it. OK like 2-3 hours. I HATE CROSSWORD PUZZLES!! I have trouble spelling my own name.

Now I know I shouldnt` have listened to her and put those yellow slashes on my cache page. }:)


2 Boats + Linus = weeks

Thanks IB

We are glad you did!


Just remember karma ghost. Expect payment now and you may be paying yourself latter.

Traditional caches

You know, after these last few, I'm tempted to put a cache out in the woods, and just post coordinates on where it is. Maybe toss on a couple sticks for good measure.



Crossword is done. Now Ihave to spend some time on other facets of my life. 2 hours to get the last six words.

Funny thing to do

You know what would be funny? If Matt archived Linus right about now. That would be funny.

We had a discussion like

We had a discussion like this on the forum, and ultimately decided (at least I did) that the difficulty should integrate the puzzle-solving and cache-finding difficulties. Otherwise, there is no way to factor in the fact that you have to learn a new discipline (maritime flag systems, for example) in order to find the cache.

all messed up, need help

I have read the other clues and am stuck. Could I get a clue for 35 or 37, 44 and either 53 or 56?


cacher with flat spot on head from banging it on wall

asked for wrong help

I should have asked him to tutor me in math rather than for word hints. Simple math............. I choked on it.


Cacher with flat side of head who feels like an idiot for not being able to add 2 numbers.

Another find

Just so folks are clear, I helped the cacher with a flat spot on his head double check some of his (correct) answers via email. He posted a nice "found" log today:

It's been a long time, baby.

Glad to see that people are still being tortured -- er, I mean, enjoying -- this puzzle. Ghost suggested I wait a couple years before trying something like this again. It's been a couple years.

I've asked Matt a few times if he wants a new puzzle (not the same grid/idea, but something new) but he hasn't taken me up on it.



I was asked today for a couple of pointers on how to put the answers into the puzzle.

Yhe first letter of a clue goes at each number. From there it's either clockwise or counterclockwise.

You'll know if you're correct when the letters that share a 'wall' are identical.

For example, say answer 1 is "AbcdefgH" and answer 2 is "abcAHdef".

When you put both of them in clockwise you'll see how the 'H' and 'A' match up.

Hints for 33, 34, 35, 57

Hints for 33, 34, 35, 57, please!

Sorry RR

Sorry for the delay rickrich - I didn't see your comment until now (the spammers have gotten to the comment sections, so I just go in once every month or two and delete the comments in the approval queue).

Since you were able to solve the puzzle without the hints, I'll withhold them now. :)

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