Caching Cloquet

I had some time to kill on Friday night after work (as I was transitioning to work a midnight shift), so I needed to stay up until about 4am. What to do......???? Watch some movies or go caching? Hmm...

I ended up searching for a total of 9 caches, finding 8 (the 9th was a micro beneath the snow). A couple of the ones I found were beneath the snow as well, although I lucked out and located them. One of them required digging in the snow for about 15 minutes, although it was a half mile hike to get to the cache so I wasn't going to give up without a little bit of work.

Someone mentioned to me on Saturday that they don't cache at night as it's a little on the creepy side. This is something I can really relate to. When I started caching at night, I would park the truck so the headlights lit up the woods in the area of the cache, and would cache no further than the headlights would illuminate. As time went on I eventually was able to get over that "creepy" fear and now will take half mile and mile long hikes in the woods, although I almost always get the willies at some point, even when hiking along wide open trails (such as Skyline Parkway earlier last week). I am able to eventually shrug the willies off and continue on, although I have in the past cut caching trips short due to feeling on the uneasy side (not cutting the hike short, but deciding to call it a night a little earlier than I had planned).

All that said, caching in Cloquet was fun. Mostly because there were almost no long hikes - caches were normally within a block of the parking, and there was enough ambient light between the city lighting and the moon that a flashlight was not required for walking, just for the actual cache searching.

I think the hardest cache I did was Fauley Park - a locomotive cache. I'm not really a fan of locomotive caches, just because they are such a pain to locate. That's why I placed a cache on Mallet #225 before someone else could (saved me the trouble of having to find one there as you know someone would have placed one by now). The cache in Fauley Park wasn't really hard to locate, you just had to have an idea what you were looking for (I did) and then stick your head in the right spot (something that took me a while to do).

All in all, 8 caches in about 4 1/2 hours including a decent amount of driving time. I left a few caches that I'll have to go back for (by 4am I was starting to feel like it may be time for a nap). I've got an off day coming up this weekend that I may try and knock some of the remaining ones off...we'll see.

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