2008 MnGCA Fall Event

So I've been a little lax in posting lately. What's new?

I attended the 2008 MnGCA Fall Event this past weekend at Anoka County's Rice Creek Park.

The event was very well attended (probably the highest attended MnGCA Fall/Spring event that I've been to now), and was a blast. I can't say enough praise about the event committee, which brought us different activities to try and mix it up a little, including a Creative Cache contest.

I headed down to the cities on Friday with Esko and Ghost. We set up camp at William O'Brien State Park near Marine On St. Croix. We had planned to do a number of caches around the park, but Ghost had some problems with his brakes, so we opted to run his car into Forest Lake to get repaired and then cached some around Forest Lake and up Hwy 8 to the St. Croix River.

Friday evening we met up with accordiongal at the park and Esko cooked us up some excellent pork chops on the fire and potatoes and carrots in a dutch oven.

Saturday morning the three of us cached our way to the event. After forgetting my bag of chips in the truck and walking back to the truck, I saw DLHCacher pull up. Going over to say "hi" to Tom, he invited me on a FTF mission on the other side of the lake. I'm not one to turn something like that down, so I hopped into his car, no GPS (but with two bags of chips). The FTF turned out to be more than both of us bargained for though I think..

After the event Esko and I did the caches in the park as well as a number of surrounding caches until dark fell, then we headed back to the park to cook up some wonderful ribeyes before the rain came. Unfortunately the rain came before we finished cooking (and boy did it come!), although we were still able to get the food cooked to perfection.

Some pictures from the weekend:

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