Spring 2008 MnGCA Event

The weekend after Memorial Day I took the family up to Gooseberry State Park on the north shore for some wonderful camping and to participate in the MnGCA Gooseberry Falls: Caching Then and Now event.

We arrived early on Friday afternoon, got the camper setup, and headed off to see the falls. After we took the customary pictures of the falls with the girls, I headed across the river to complete the Hiking Club trail and do the State Park History Challenge cache in the park. Funny story about that........

I started out on the Hiking Club trail (it's 2.2 miles in this case) as the skies were starting to get pretty dark and a cool breeze was moving in. Shortly into the hike my right boot literally fell apart in the span of about a half mile. It started out as a small hole where the leather meets the sole and ended up starting at the left side of the toe and wrapping halfway around the shoe on the other side. Not good as it was my only pair of shoes for the weekend.

While hiking along, I decided to return a call to EskoClimber, as he had called me earlier when I was in an area with virtually no service. While talking to him (and I totally blame him for this), I took some photos of the hike, got a picture of the Hiking Club sign (I take photos of them all so I don't forget what the password was later on), and then continued on my hike. When I got about 3/4 of the way done, I realized that when I called him, the GPS said 400' to the cache. By the time I remember to check it again it said something like .35 miles. I ended up walking right past the cache (literally about 30' from it). Esko's fault.

I finished the loop that I was on, then went down it again to get the cache, just as the sprinkles started. Thanks to Esko I ended up hiking about an extra mile that I didn't really care to, not that I don't need the hike...

On Saturday I was able to enjoy much of the event (excellent weather!) and the folks that attended. My hats off again to the whole group that was able to put together a great event. I competed in the competition, although I've already managed to forget how many finds I had (something around 12 in 2 hours and 4 minutes I believe).

I was fairly surprised at how empty the campground was. I would have to estimate that it was under half full for the weekend - perhaps 1/3 full. Pretty empty for a north shore park on a weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day... I wonder how much the gas prices are going to affect the State Parks....?

Pictures from the weekend can be found here.


I guess someone has to take the blame!

Glad that someone was Esko ;)

re: I guess someone has to take the blame!

It certainly wasn't my fault! ;)

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