Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, so I'm a little late...

We headed up to Itasca State Park south of Bemidji for Memorial Day weekend this year. It was a very enjoyable time, although a little shorter than I am accustomed to. Normally for the holiday weekends we're able to sneak away on a Thursday to grab an extra day of camping, but this year my wife had to work on Friday and the distance from Duluth was such that it didn't make sense to leave until lunchtime on Friday.

Overall the weekend was very enjoyable - the weather was mostly cooperative, although we did have a little rain and some decent sized hail on Sunday.

While there I managed to do the nice State Park History Challenge multi-cache with my Dad as well as getting a couple caches with G on the return trip.

Definitely a good start to the camping year - I'm looking forward to getting out some more yet this year!

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